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    Unless you enjoy what you do,
being successful won't be easy
    "Who Has Health , Has Hope and Who Has Hope Has Every Thing !!"
There is no way to Happiness, Happiness is the Way !!
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About Nivedita Agrawal

wma-logo Dr Nivedita  Agrawal based at Kolkata is a practicing consultant since 16 years. Registered Holistic & Metaphysical Practitioner with World Metaphysical Association, she has totally committed herself to the study and understanding of alternate therapies.

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Posted By :Date :nivedita | 11-29-2017

New year updates for the upcoming year. As we all know, enegies keep on shifting. Every year, there are different positive sectors, to be used by everyone. This apply on colours too, so check with me, which are the more favourable sectors and colours for the year 2018. As an individual we have to use different colours, so get to know them


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